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I told You So,It's a crazy world for a mixed up guy & a no good girl.....

O.K., I know this may not be the most on the subject rant, but I have a question for you all. I have been going over this in my mind all week. I was talking with one of my Ex's, and it came up in conversation that she cannot be friends with a guy unless she expects something to eventually "happen" between her and the bloke. Unless there is the real possibility for there to be a relationship with them, she just can't be bothered. To this end, her being bisexual as well, the same applies to most attractive girls, or those she knows are gay or bi. We talked about this for quite some time before she came to the conclusion, that men & women cannot be friends. Either one or the other will always want more. In which case, one of two things will happen, they will come to a mutual attraction, and a relationship will develop, or one of the two will continue to long for the other in vain, only to be hurt by the fact that the desired person doesn't return the affections, or in some cases even acknowledge them. For the most part, her point was that Men & Women simply cannot be friends. Each side will always have their own true agendas at heart, the will always be pursuing these ends no matter what.

Now I cannot seem to agree with this reasoning. I think that men & women can be just friends & get along without any such agendas, or anything else other than a mutual friendship between the two. Admittedly, In the past I have slept with quite a bit of my friends, but I fail to see how the two sexes cannot simply coexist as friends and nothing more.

 I lay the question out to you all; Can Men & Women be just friends??? I hope you all have a little more insight into this ..................................tanks

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I believe they can as well. Yes it may lead to more but in the end if you start out being friends you will end just being friends, thats my consept on it. Ok but like men and women cant be friends because of the attraction yeah so my question if you are bi sexual does that mean you cant have any friends. Ask your friend that one cause you could have an attraction to anyone.
That is exactly the question I asked her. I myself am Bi, & I can't seem to understand her logic on this one, but I love her still. I myself have many friends, of both sexes, & am not attracted to all of them. Neither do I limit my friendship based on relationship possibility......